Optimize your business planning with the Bryntum Gantt

The Bizaline Enterprise Database is an integrated business planning and change programme management tool to facilitate strategic alignment, planning, and decision-making for companies. The tool collects information and communication in one place, rendering interdependencies and structural deficiencies in plans visible at a glance. One of the core tools for business and project planning worldwide is the Gantt chart: we knew that if we wanted people to use the Enterprise Database, this was one of the things we had to get right.

In the early stages of development, we used a Gantt chart from an Excel template. You could upload data from Excel to the Enterprise Database, which would then turn it into a downloadable report. Unfortunately, the functionality wasn’t interactive: if you had to make changes, you’d have to do it in Microsoft Excel, and then re-upload the file to the tool. We soon understood that this was too much hassle for our clients.

This is when we moved to an open-source Gantt library. It was a bit better, but it didn’t offer all the functionalities we were looking for.

Bryntum Gantt 

Finally we stumbled upon the golden solution: Bryntum Gantt. It’s perfect for our needs: the Bryntum Gantt chart allows for editing within the Bizaline Enterprise Database, with a simple drag-drop system. It’s easier than ever to set up inter-task relationships. Bryntum is also compatible with Microsoft Project – a frequently used project management tool – and it’s easy to export the Gantt to .PDF or .PNG.

What we like most about Bryntum, however, is its resources functionality, allowing you to see within the Gantt chart whether all projects are sufficiently staffed. It’s hard enough to keep track of deadlines, but sometimes even a planning that looks manageable on paper, can be problematic in practice. Resource allocation is a huge pitfall for many companies, leading to stress and burn-outs among the staff. Integrating resource management with a Gantt chart is a great way to ensure the practical viability of your planning.

We’re also working on implementing the Kanban Task Board to enhance our task planning and work schedule functionalities. We’ve been looking for a Kanban UI for a while, and love the customizable UI that Bryntum offers. The scheduler and calendar components are perfect to supplement the Kanban’s day-to-day work schedule with a clear overview of future meetings and deadlines.

Bryntum’s suite of components is a great asset for Bizaline, helping us serve our clients the best we can. Being able to plug-in these well-designed features saves us a lot of time spent programming and lets us focus on the things we do best!