World class bid management

Bidaline’s dedicated team of consultants have a collective half century of experience in strategy consulting, business planning, and bid reviewing with a specialization in the public transport sector. We work with a unique database-driven methodology to deliver winning bids across the world, from Britain to Australia.

Visionary bid strategy

Our view of bids is that they are ideal candidates for strategic initiatives: each bid is a chance to reinvent yourself, present innovations to the world, and work to continuously improve your operations. Crafting a winning bid takes more than simply checking boxes for all the requirements: it means writing a compelling vision for the future and presenting yourself as the most credible candidate to realize it. Bidaline’s advisors and consultants can help you make a step change in the quality of your bid strategy.

Innovative initiatives

Bidaline loves innovation: it is our firm conviction that the future is full of opportunities, and bids offer the perfect time to make that case to your clients. Our strategic consultants think boldly and outside the box, resulting in initiatives that, slowly but surely, change the world. We’re happy to think along with you.

Bid process management

Running a bid team is one of the hardest jobs ever: what may appear to be smooth sailing at first, can all too easily collapse into a collective panic attack near the deadline. Bidaline’s database-driven methodology ensures your full team has access to the same information, writes collaboratively, sets and reaches goals, and keeps track of progress from start to end.


Even after winning a bid, the work isn’t finished: words must be translated into action. Bidaline knows how to deliver. We’ll work closely with your team to realize the promises set out in your bid, guaranteeing full transparency and accountability to your client. 

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