Write better bids with Bidaline

Bidaline Enterprise Database is a specialized bid project management tool that creates strategic actionable content for your bid, and shows progress on content completion in real time.

The Bidaline Enterprise Database ensures your bid is compelling, robust, evidence-based and deliverable. With the tool, you can be sure your bid plans are coherent and complete, and that your bid is compliant in all respects. The tool can also be used for bid process management and bid publishing. Writing a bid is never easy - but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Here’s what Bidaline can do:

Bid process management

Automated dashboards show real-time progress in completing content for the entire bid. Bidaline can generate reports at the click of the button, enabling bid managers to keep their Steering Committee informed at all times. Alert notices may be sent by e-mail whenever content is completed or overdue. Bidaline also offers a collaborative writing and publishing functionality, which assigns content to the right area of the bid, brings distinct plans together in a consistent layout and formatting, and allows the bid writer to have a comprehensive overview of all content in a single document. 

Vision and strategy

Bidaline offers a visual representation of the structure of your bid from top to bottom. Every bid needs a vision; but in the process of developing your initiatives, it’s easy to lose track of how everything hangs together.

Our approach takes the vision of the tendering authority as a starting point. Your entire solution is designed before individual answers to requirements are written, ensuring coherence and the presence of an overall vision across distinct initiatives.

Designing initiatives

Bidaline allows you to visualize the relationship between your requirements and initiatives  at a glance - it will be clear in an instant whether you’ve got everything covered. If any initiatives should lack planning, resourcing, KPIs or risk analyses, the tool will show you just where the gaps in your bid are.


Bidaline offers downloadable delivery plans to translate winning bids into initiative project plans for implementation on the ground. The Enterprise Database can generate to-do lists, Gantt Charts and RACI matrixes for each department and all staff involved with the execution, making implementation more transparent and effective than ever.