Business plan review

Writing a business plan requires a long view, and a broad understanding of your industry. Between technological developments, trends in consumer preferences, and the struggle with competitors, there’s a lot to consider in the quest for competitive advantage. Bizaline offers business plan reviews at various levels of detail: whether you’re simply looking for a quick scan to let you know what’s missing, or for detailed guidance from our experts in strategic business planning, we can give you the confidence to realize your company’s full potential.

Our services:

When you submit a business plan for review, we will e-mail you to schedule a Skype call, in order to gain an in-depth understanding of your business and provide a review that best fits your specific needs. We offer three different review packages, ranging from a quick check of completeness and internal coherence to a full and substantive review with added strategic coaching from one of our experienced advisors.

Quick scan

A quick scan and an one page report based on what you have uploaded

Price: €199,-

Full review

Explanation plus advice

Price: €499,-

Full review & consulting

Explanation plus strategic advice

Price: €1999,-

Terms & conditions

Your business plan and any additional information provided to Bizaline for the purposes of the Business Plan Review are fully confidential. This information will not be shared with any third parties without your explicit consent, and will be stored only on our internal server with a high level of security.

Payment must be made in advance and is non-refundable. However, should you change your mind about a business plan review, we will provide an equivalent number of hours of consultancy services.

Depending on the type of review selected, Bizaline will commit to a set number of hours of work from one of our experienced and qualified consultants on a best-efforts basis. Bizaline cannot guarantee full satisfaction. In the case of a serious and grounded complaint, however, (partial) restitution may be considered at Bizaline’s full discretion.

Bizaline will assume no liability for any third party claims, losses, or damage resulting from our role in the process of reviewing your business plan. You will retain the ultimate responsibility for the final content of your business plan.

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