The Enterprise Database

Many people are familiar with OGSM, a strategic framework that links goals and objectives to KPIs. We think OGSM is a great way to build a coherent strategy, with clear goals and ways of measuring your progress. Still, we have something to add to it.

We founded Bizaline because too many organizations suffer from the disconnect between the leadership and the workfloor. This is not just a cliché, but a harsh truth born out by statistics: research shows that in most companies, the majority of employees weren’t even aware of what the strategy is.

Now, what if you could link goals and KPIs to actionable initiatives? So that every employee, no matter what they work on, can see how their actions contribute to the higher goals? And they’ll know at any time how their work is relevant to the broader strategy?


That’s how we came to AMIGOS®: an OGSM-based methodology that works with actionable initiatives. Strategy shouldn’t be only upper management’s concern: a company works best when everyone – from top to bottom – takes ownership of it. So we decided to develop the Bizaline Enterprise Database: an AMIGOS®-based software tool that can be used by every person in a company, from the upper management to the newest recruits.

The Enterprise Database can visualize your company strategy, from vision and mission through goals and objectives down to your initiatives and KPI's, at a single click. It also offers handy Kanban task management and Gantt-based planning tools, document sharing, report generation, task assignment and monitoring, and collaborative working functionalities. In short, AMIGOS® is the Swiss Army knife of dynamic business planning and project management.

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