Supporting your procurement process

Bidaline’s consultants and advisors help tendering authorities and bidding parties alike to create the maximum value for citizens and consumers. One of the biggest problems in the world of bids and tenders is the difficulty of communicating between public and private sectors. We at Bidaline take pride in our experience on both sides of the divide: our experienced consultants have worked on tenders and bids in multiple countries with a specialization in the public transport industry. We work with a bespoke database-driven methodology, fully in accordance with the principles of the European Foundation for Quality Management and taking on board decades of experience.

Procurement strategy

Bidaline can assist you - as a tendering authority - with setting the optimal strategic direction to achieve your policy goals, and linking it to a comprehensive set of requirements for bidding parties.

Bid reviews

Bidaline can provide guidance and assistance to bid evaluation teams to ensure a fair and holistic assessment. The best team to review a bid, after all, is one with plenty of experience writing bids themselves. Bidaline’s consultants work with a unique in-house tool to verify the internal coherence, completeness, and quality of planning of any bid.

Contract management support

Once a contract has been granted, that doesn’t mean the work ends: public and private organizations will have to cooperate closely to make the job a success. Bidaline can check delivery plans against committed obligations, and help facilitate comunications and information transparency with our secure shared workspace.

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