The Bizaline Enterprise Database | Pricing

Programme management
€699,- per month
1 Programme manager user
5 Project manager users
6 Support users
Phone & online support
Project management
€399,- per month
1 Project manager
10 Project members
Online support
Single user
€49,- per month
1 user
Online support

The Bizaline Enterprise Database | Planning

Gantt chart

Changes in planning get buried in overflowing e-mail inboxes, leading to delays and/or duplicate work.
The Gantt chart offers real-time insight into the project’s planning and progress, which can be updated whenever it changes.

Resource planning

Planning multiple projects at once, it’s easy to lose track of how much time, money, and staff you have available.
Bizaline ED can ensure the practical viability of your planning and the availability of time, staff, and funding. You can easily assign resources to project tasks.


It’s unclear what team members are working on; there are no clear daily and weekly targets, leading to a lack of accountability.ion.
A classic of Agile methodology, Kanban offers an extraordinarily efficient visual task and project management system. Check the team’s priorities at any time, without having to ask in person.

The Bizaline Enterprise Database | Strategy

Objective tree

The contribution of projects to the company’s strategy is not clear. Some projects and initiatives appear far removed from the company’s vision.
Bizaline ED can generate a visual overview of your strategic goals, allowing for their breakdown into projects and tasks, and bringing strategic alignment into focus.