Our solutions

Gantt chart

Detailed project planning with real-time updates.

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Submit timesheets online, with optional reminders.

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Time tracking

Real-time tracking of hours worked on projects or tasks.

Resource planning

Ensure availability of staff, funding, and time.

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KPI tree

Automatically generate a visual overview of KPIs linked to projects.

Objective tree

Strategic alignment with a breakdown of your strategic goals into projects.

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Project status update

Check if your project is on track with status colors and a % breakdown.

Project status report

Turn Excel sheets into automatically generated progress reports.

Skills & training courses information

Build and assign the right team based on skills, training, and experiences.

Online documents storage

Secure cloud storage for your team’s files and folders.


Organize your daily planning and let your team know what you’re working on.

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SWOT analysis

Link your projects to cover strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and strengths.

Risk matrix

Generate visually attractive risk matrixes.

Schedule meetings

Run efficient meetings and directly assign tasks to staff/project members.

Level of maturity

Ensure your project is fully thought out and compliant with all requirements.