Bizaline Timesheets

Bizaline’s Timesheets functionality allows you and your team to keep detailed track of your hours worked.

Time-tracking is easily forgotten, potentially leading to inaccurate invoicing


The Enterprise Database’s time-tracking feature allows you to ‘clock in’ and ‘clock out’ on projects and tasks, monitoring precisely how much time is spent on each task. This data can be automatically uploaded into your timesheets.


Alternatively, hours can be submitted manually monthly overviews, you will be able to review a list of their tasks and projects and write hours in a simple template. At the end of the month, you can submit the timesheets for review by a manager or straight to the HR department. Or you can directly convert your team’s timesheets into an invoice, to be sent out at the end of the month.

Better estimates for a leaner company

Tracking time with Bizaline allows you to develop a more detailed understanding of just how much time a project is taking, adding together all the hours worked by your team. You can compare this data to the projected planning in your Gantt charts – and in that way, work towards more accurate time estimates and a leaner operation.

E-mail reminders

The Enterprise Database can send you a daily e-mail reminder near the end of the working day. The reminder includes a template to fill out your hours immediately, while the memory’s fresh.