The first dedicated software solution for your procurement process

Bidaline Enterprise Database is a bespoke tool for bid creation and evaluation. It is designed to benefit government tendering authorities and bidding corporations alike. The Enterprise Database offers the following advantages to tendering authorities:

Designing your procurement strategy and tender requirements

A tender starts with designing a tender strategy in accordance with policy objectives, in order to receive bids that best help you realize your policy goals. The Enterprise Database can be used to build a clear structure for your requirements, ensuring that they cover your policy goals from every angle.

Bid evaluation: objective checks and balances

Bids are bulky documents, often hundreds upon hundreds of pages of text. It’s almost impossible for any one person to have a complete overview of everything that’s planned and promised in the bid.  At the same time, tenders involve huge sums of money and frequently lead to court cases, where the losing bidders demand to know just why they didn’t make the cut.

Evaluating bids, then, is by necessity a team effort: a number of experts each takes on a chapter, judging it by its own merits. But nobody has the full picture.  This is a risky situation – some flaws in a bid will only become clear when you zoom out to a sufficient extent.
The Bidaline Enterprise Database helps tendering authorities to evaluate bids more objectively and holistically. It implements objective checks and balances across the entire bid. Bid data embedded in Excel sheets can be directly uploaded to Bidaline, which can then generate the relevant reports, charts, and overviews, to cover every element of the bid: objectives, planning, budget, evidence, team, risks, requirement compliance...

Objective tree

Bidaline is capable of visualizing the structure of a bid in a clear fashion through an objective tree or plan-on-a-page report. Do the strategic objectives contribute to realizing the bid’s vision? And do all initiatives, in fact, help achieve those objectives? Bidaline allows evaluators to check bids for coherence at a single glance.

Completeness check

Bidaline will automatically check all initiatives for completeness. If any proposes measures in the bid lack planning, resource assignments, a risk matrix – Bidaline will point it out in a heartbeat.

Gantt chart and resource assignments

Bidaline shows the big picture in terms of planning, resource commitments, and budgets. You can zoom in on any quarter and catch red flags early. Six separate experts focusing on their separate chapters may not notice that, altogether, sixty projects are planned in the same time frame. Bidaline can easily find the bottlenecks.

Contract management: ensuring kept promises

After the tender is complete and you’ve found a contractor, it’s important to keep their minds on the job. The Bidaline Enterprise Database offers a platform where you can keep track of initiatives, change projects, and continuous improvement. Any updates to the database – completeness percentages, resource shifts, and data collection – will be immediately visible to you. No more need to check in by e-mail how your partner is faring: just log on to Bidaline and see for yourself.

Bidaline: a step change in tender management

The Bidaline Enterprise Database is a secure cloud-based server, constantly updated and staffed by our dedicated team. It is useful for both tendering authorities and bidders, but the real magic occurs when both work with the Enterprise Database together in close cooperation. The improvements in communication and the tool’s quality of offering clarity on very complex bid documents are a sea change in the industry.

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